Important QA Automation lectures

I am Sharing you Google Drive Link for SeleniumAutomation Testing Udemy Videos Learn and Lead 1) Selenium Automation Framework - Automation Architect Udemy Link for Index : GDrive Link : 2) Angular Js Protractor With Framework Udemy Link for Index : GDrive Link : 3) Rest API Automation With Framework Udemy … Continue reading Important QA Automation lectures


Key Elements of a Good Retrospective

At least one aspect of the team, sprint or process undergoes improvement discussion in a retrospective. Every sprints goes with a bunch of improvements to make sure sprints are going under continuous improvement. A retrospective is not a responsibility of a single person. It is a collaborative effort that includes the whole team, product owner … Continue reading Key Elements of a Good Retrospective

Difference between Smoke Testing, Shakeout Testing and Sanity Testing

Smoke Testing is done by developer to check the build is stable enough so that it can be send to testing team for testing. Shakeout Testing: Shake out testing is done before the testing starts to make sure that applications are pointing to correct urls and data is flowing and also to make sure applications are pointing … Continue reading Difference between Smoke Testing, Shakeout Testing and Sanity Testing

Performance Testing Life Cycle

Identifying the Test environment - i)Hardware configuration ii)Network configuration iii)Software configuration Acceptance criteria - i) Through the response time ii) Through the through put iii) Through resource utilisation Planning and designing the Test cases i) Test Data - whatever test data we identify and generate ii) What type of load we will be applying on … Continue reading Performance Testing Life Cycle

To uninstall MySQL completely

To uninstall MySQL and completely remove it (including all databases) from your Mac do the following: Open a terminal window Use mysqldump to backup your databases to text files! Stop the database server sudo rm /usr/local/mysql sudo rm -rf /usr/local/mysql* sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM sudo rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/My* edit /etc/hostconfig and remove the line MYSQLCOM=-YES- … Continue reading To uninstall MySQL completely

Selenium Interview questions

What are the Challenges you faced in Selenium? Selenium Interview Question for Fresher and Experienced Challenges faced using selenium automation testing, and how to solve them 1. Image or text overlapping issue 2. No facility to deal with Captcha, Bar Code 3. Doesn’t support any non web based (Like Win 32, Java Applet, Java Swing, … Continue reading Selenium Interview questions

How to setup CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins for Developer and Devops

1.Introduction to Continuous Integration What is Continuous Integration Developers commit a code to a shared repository on a regular basis. Version control system is being monitored.When a commit is detected, a build will be triggered automatically and test your application. If the build test is not green, developers and QA will be notified immediately. 2. Why … Continue reading How to setup CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins for Developer and Devops